Fexco Property Services at IRPM Annual Seminar

Posted Friday, June 14, 2019


On 13th June, Jonathan Gough CMIOSH, Health and Safety Manager at Fexco Property Services, gave a truly inspirational speech at the IRPM annual seminar. Jonathan secured his slot in this year's seminar, which covered many property sector issues, with a thought provoking topic; 'well-being'. It was delivered expertly, with some humorous content that kept the audience completely engaged throughout - we all agreed it went down a storm!

Jonathan's message of 'be kind' was simple yet packed a punch in just 7 minutes. Looking at how we interact with each other as colleagues and with our clients and customers, his no-nonsense approach to creating balance was down to earth, meaningful, and something that can be easily implemented into any workforce.

Well done Jonathan!

Read the full transcript below...


So…a question…is Property Management Stressful?

From what I have witnessed being a Property Manager is one of the most challenging professions a person can decide to embark upon. Everyday you are pulled in several directions by people inside and outside of the organisation. The customer has demands, often in conflict with the freeholder, the relationship with the Property Manager is often strained – a forced marriage. Meetings with residents can be extremely stressful, late nights, feeling isolated. Then you have colleagues - management requests, to satisfy the business needs. H&S compliance impacting on your work flow.

Your work is interesting.

The email for the angry customer at 5pm on a Friday demanding action today. I’ve witnessed meetings with residents that are something akin to bear baiting. Then we have life and the challenges it brings. The lows (question to the audience about death of a loved one). The highs (question to the audience about falling in love). The feelings these experiences generate are so strong, different yet similar – lack of control, vulnerability. In the background, surrounding all these work/life events is the constant battle of living with a perception of a perception.

The mind is constantly alive with the …… I think that you think thought process. How we are perceived is so important to the us. Maybe, this is why we are so upset with the comments in the Friday afternoon email – its personal. When you don’t feel liked or loved LIFE can be so…..so difficult

The IRPM needs to look after its members.

As a H&S professional I want to care and be kind to my colleagues, to help create an environment that builds – PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL RESILIENCE.

Knowledge – build my knowledge (MIND) and share experiences with those inside and outside of the business.

Support – my colleagues, my customers.

Proactive – things are always better when we plan, explain why we need to do something – in plain English

Empathy - show you understand

Openness – honesty and respect with everybody we meet, be kind. We hold a great responsibility – we look after customers’ homes (the bricks and mortar) – their children – we are a major influence on their life.

Improvement – making a mistake is good, we can learn from it. It’s how we learn. Don’t fear it. Look to improve 

It may be a forced marriage with our customers, but with the right environment, the right culture it can be a happier one – for everyone.


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