Property management and customer satisfaction

Posted Friday, October 8, 2021


Over the last 18 months, more homeowners have either had to or chosen to turn their home into a multi-functioning environment, with family space being divided up to accommodate workspace. The impact has been enormous for some.

It’s clear that spending more time at home will naturally lead to noticing things that may have been overlooked (life before Covid), such as autumn leaf litter, dog bins overflowing and even the length of grass on green spaces. All these things would have been driven past by workers keen to simply get home after a long day in the office. Now, these things are part of their every day, and clearly not as tolerated.

Do they know?

Residents don’t always know why the grass is a bit longer than usual, they don’t know that contracted gardeners work on a schedule, and recent rain and sunshine has caused unusually increased growth. They may not know who is responsible for emptying the dog bins and may assume it’s the managing agent’s responsibility when in fact it’s a council-owned bin. They almost certainly won’t know how long it takes to order a spare part to fix a lift that has stopped working. They may not know that noisy neighbours (an increasing complaint – with children being at home more) cannot be resolved by a property manager. The list goes on!

Covid has meant less visibility of property managers on the ground, and this only further frustrates residents as it may appear that fewer site visits equal reduced care – though obviously this is not the case.

So it’s easy to see how, from a customer perspective these niggles swiftly turn into big gripes! Gripes turn into complaints, and can turn into an official complaint, when often the situation can be easily turned around.

Turning situations around

Often, as a property manager or any customer-facing staff member, it can be disheartening to spend time and effort into resolving resident concerns or property maintenance issues, only to then see or receive negative feedback. However, situations and perceptions can be turned around, and when they do – it makes a huge difference!

Obviously, planning is key to being proactive, and site visits will show up any issues, but getting it right can simply mean listening, informing or acting more swiftly, as these customer feedback examples prove.

Good property managers make all the difference!

Crabtree have looked after our property for many years now. As to their efficacy, a lot depends on the individual property manager. We have had some that have been very good and some that have not been so good. However, our current property manager is engaged, diligent and competent. As long as personnel of this calibre are rewarded sufficiently so that they are retained, everyone is happy. Our recent service has definitely been 5*."

Excellent service with speedy responses…

Excellent service with speedy responses to my email enquiries. Hussain also acted very quickly when I highlighted certain problems so they were sorted without delay. Always friendly and helpful I recommend this service."

GREAT SERVICE showing real improvement from REMUS !!

The London Regional Manager, has kept really good contact on matters that have needed urgent resolution and has been exemplary/excellent in her level of contact and clarity in her comms etc .. So, real credit where it’s due. I’m hoping that this is a sign that things will move forward in a really positive way for the company and will help make it much easier to have resolution across estate/property management issues in the future …."


I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help and care, particularly in this last year with the cladding issue. I know you tried really hard to resolve the issues, especially with the directors. 

Management companies are constantly criticised, but I think you are a shining example of how a representative should be. I know your hands were tied, but your approach was caring and thorough. You do listen and that’s the main thing. I really appreciated your timely responses to everything connected with the sale.

It was so lovely to meet you two weeks ago, and you’re just as lovely in real life as you are over email"

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