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I think you are the first property management company to ever give me a straight forward answer. Thank you very much and I will send over all relevant paperwork to speed the process up.

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I want to reply immediately to say thank you so very much – you must have put in extra hours to provide all this information within a week. We really appreciate your exceptional effort on behalf of the residents. We feel very grateful to have such an efficient and professional Manager as you to help everything run smoothly.

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I am very happy with the service received from both Leoni and Louise. Happy with the gate repair and would like to personally thank Leoni for this.

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Fexco Property Services is a group of specialist companies providing a full range of property management services across England & Wales to developers, freeholders and resident management companies (RMCs).

A hands-on approach ensures your buildings are maintained to the standard in which they were built, and your investment is always protected. Our common goal is to raise the standards of property management, whilst ensuring a safe environment for homeowners and leaseholders. 


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