About Fexco Property Services

Helping your business run smoothly, and cost-effectively, via a full range of services delivered by qualified professionals.

Our group is now four brands strong - each providing a unique set of services dedicated to meet the needs of their individual customers and clients. This set up means that no matter what you need, we have a brand that can provide what’s right for you.

Fexco Property Services was founded in 2015 by the Irish multi-national company Fexco to provide nationally-focused management and professional services to the built environment. The group currently includes Crabtree PM Limited, Bellharbour, Remus Management Limited and Inspired Property Management (IPM).

Fexco has been involved in block management since 1999, successfully growing the largest residential management group in Australia; Prudential Investment Company of Australia Pty Limited (PICA) who currently has 280,000 homes under their management. Established over 50 years ago. PICA is an Australian national property services company that remains one of the most reputable and financially stable companies in Australia. Fexco is now bringing this wealth of expertise and knowledge to the UK market, and together with the combined experience of the group, amounts to the largest service provider in the UK.

We have ambitious plans to extend our capabilities and roster of services, and we're always willing to speak to partners that can work with us in the future. To find out more, contact us on marketing@fexcopropertyservices.co.uk

Working across the UK

The Fexco Property Services group spans England and Wales with a network of fully-staffed offices providing local, specialist knowledge.

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How we're different to other managing agents

National presence, local promise

We're on the ground, we are where you are, whether it's a localised solution in Plymouth or a regional/national account management strategy. We understand your needs, and how to help you with everything day-to-day.


In an increasingly complex environment, we invest in resources, capability and technology that distinguishes us from our competitors. Strong client relationships are built on their confidence in our ability to deliver across a wide range of skill-sets and competencies.


We manage many of our business functions centrally, leaving our regional teams to focus on what they need to: commitment to their properties, our residents and our clients.


We have been servicing clients since 1990. Our leadership team have been in the industry for over 50 years, while our regional managers have a combined industry experience of over 180 years.


Fexco has been providing innovative solutions to a wide range of industries and business sectors since the 1980s and has been doing business in the UK for over 35 years. Fexco built the largest managing agent network in Australia and brings this experience to bear from one the most developed property management markets in the world. Our clients can be reassured by our solid financial backing, larger scale business competency and robust governance processes that come with being part of a larger organisation.

Fexco Property Services in facts and figures

Property professionals

260+ staff and 102 client staff on site

In-house expertise

3 block management brands plus a risk assessment brand and a full H&S department

UK wide

Fexco Property Services has 11 offices across England and Wales

70,000+ properties

Across the group service over 70,000 properties throughout the UK

700+ clients

Our services are utilised by over 700 clients

3,600 contractors engaged

Our carefully selected range of local, competent contractors offer a huge range of services

Combined experience of 80 years

The Fexco group have 80 years of combined experience in the property sector

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