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As a result of the great work ethic that is instilled across the group, we're delighted to receive feedback such as this...

"Great Brighton office. I have been a director of our estate management company since August 2016. Remus have provided both excellent secretarial services and great insight in helping the directors deal with many of the estate’s nuanced problems. It has been a pleasure dealing with the Brighton office and in particular Luke Tuvey and more recently Esme Wadsworth." (Adam G.)

"As one of the Directors of Dickens Quarter in Portsmouth, I can categorically say that since 2014, when both Paul Taylor and Luke Tuvey took their position in the company, (and recently in 2018, Esme Wadsworth), the services have been excellent! They deal with enquiries promptly, listens carefully to residents needs and make good financial recommendations when needed. They also keep residents and Directors informed of any on-goings. I would definitely recommend them." (Tola A.)

"Highly Recommend. I do not generally write many reviews but had to recommend Remus. I recently moved into a managed estate, and have found it great. Remus are easy to get hold of, and our property manager is great with communication. We have requested a few things and have had informative, constructive replies. Yellow lines were recently painted on the estate in order to improve safety for children playing, and to reduce the chance of a collision at choke points. Remus have been great so far, and though we have only used them for a few months, I do not see this changing! Of course, some people moan and will always find negatives, however the estate is kept clean and tidy with staff easy to contact and issues are quickly resolved." (Steve)

"Helpful, prompt and professional service. I am glad to have the opportunity to provide feedback. Since we purchased our flat, the Remus team (led by Maggie James) have been extremely helpful on every occasion we contacted them. We feel that everything is communicated to us properly and promptly, and every single time there was an issue to be sorted Maggie or the rest of the staff in her absence have been extremely helpful - whether it was an enquiry, or a problem that needed sorting out. Excellent and very helpful, professional service!" (Nik G.)

"Very attentive. So far, so good. Remus have recently taken over managing our apartments and have been great. Very attentive to all our concerns and speedy to respond. Ollie and Hannah from the Cardiff office have both been helpful, polite and friendly. Fingers crossed for an ongoing good service." (Deborah F.)

"As a Director of our Chichester development's management company, I have worked with Remus (Brighton) managers for three years. They provide a responsive service, alert to the best interests of our residents. Sound advice and quick implementation of our agreed policies and day-do-day decisions are the norm. My professional work with other property services providers leads me to say that Remus are a 'quality act', good value and reliable." (Peter D.)

"I would like to thank you for assisting us with our parking incident. Your prompt service and efficiency was refreshing to receive. It was an absolutely pleasure to work with you." (Sheri V.)

"Remus guided us through the Right to Manage process and have since taken over managerial responsibility for our small apartment block in Llanelli. They supplied email and telephone contact details for the property managers making communication easy and prompt. The previous managers had neglected many issues and they have quickly rectified many of the problems. From our experience I would have no hesitation in recommending Remus and the negative comments certainly do not tally with our experience." (LL)

"Since Remus have taken over managerial responsibility for our development in Bath, they have been engaged and focused on delivering high standards. The lawn and flower beds look much better than they did previously and they have energetically applied themselves to addressing some issues which could, if left unaddressed, have become problematic. They have been open in their communication with residents and, so far, I've been impressed." (J. Green)

"Valued work. I have had much contact with Remus over the few years I have owned my flat and always found them to communicate very well and look to maintain the property effectively. They charge a little over 10% of the total management fees and in my view that is money well spent. For that there is ongoing maintenance and looking at the 27 separate lines of expenses there are more than 10 contracts to be negotiated and maintained as well as ensuring ongoing repairs and checks are completed. For me utilising the purchasing power of a company like Remus could not be undertaken lightly by a few residents spending their evenings doing the same. I could well imagine taking this over by the residents would result in a 10% saving on Remus but other maintenance bills increasing. The company has been responsive and always provided explanation for costs and cost increases. I value the high standards they enforce with maintenance etc as this helps property prices should I ever wish to sell." (Paul)

"I have always found Remus to be helpful and conscientious. It is good to know they are there looking after our interests. They are efficient and effective Thank you." (Sandra H.)

"I am very happy with the service I get and the staff are friendly and they sort problems out very quickly." (N. Goddard)

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