Property Management Services for Developers

Working with the top developers, we provide advice on properties from small block conversions through to 1,500+ unit private estates. Most importantly, we recognise that your customers are our customers and your reputation requires ongoing enhancement long after you have left the site. Your reputation is our business and we never forget this.

In an industry sector with ever increasing legislation as well as government and media attention on the built environment, our companies are able to draw on the services of a wider group of property professionals and, unlike most agents, can fully deliver on health & safety, HR, M&E, compliance, utilities, surveying and insurance matters. Rest assured we are a full service organisation with the experience and ability to deliver for you.

Our services to you

We can work with the developer from the planning stage, to formulate leases and property management services including:

  • Advice on the structure of the leases and the terms contained therein to produce workable leases that will assist in the future management of the development.
  • Ensure that the contents of the lease protect the interests of the freeholder and purchasers of the units.
  • Preparation of the projected service charge expenditure and schedules.
  • Advise on utilities, security, amenities, ecological and other considerations necessary for sound estate management.
  • Draw up service contracts with contractors and insurers.
  • Engage caretakers, porters, concierge or other necessary site staff.
  • Formation of a management company if one is to be owned by lessees and issue of share or member certificates as units are sold.
  • Liaison with solicitors, legal and planning teams as necessary throughout the process.
  • Supporting your sales and marketing teams.
  • Efficient process for the management of hand over.


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