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Posted Wednesday, August 16, 2023


At Fexco Property Services, the Learning and Development department plays a crucial role in cultivating a culture of growth and excellence. The company has made substantial investments to establish a successful Learning Academy and has recruited a dedicated team to continually enhance their programs. 

The Learning Academy serves as a centralized hub where colleagues can access a wide range of resources, both online and in-person. It provides a platform for individuals to explore online learning materials, enrol on face-to-face courses, complete e-learning and compliance modules, and access opportunities for career progression within the organisation.

Industry Specific Qualifications 

One of the focal points of the Learning Academy is the provision of in-house workshops to support colleagues pursuing Level 3 and Level 4 IRPM (accredited) qualifications, primarily in Housing and Property Management. In 2023, eight staff members have successfully undertaken this certification, highlighting the company's commitment to professional development.

Furthermore, Fexco Property Services has 16 staff members currently participating in apprenticeships, pursuing both the Level 4 ABBE in Leasehold and Property Management and the IRPM Level 3 apprenticeships. The Learning Academy also handles all training related to compliance through a dedicated learning platform called 'LeaP'. This platform houses an increasingly comprehensive library of industry-related learning modules, ensuring that employees stay up to date with the necessary compliance requirements.

Management and Leadership Programmes 

Another significant offering of the Learning Academy is the comprehensive Management and Leadership program. This program empowers colleagues by offering a structured pathway for personal and professional growth, catering to both new and experienced managers. Through specialised courses, the program equips individuals with essential skills and knowledge, with a specific focus on effective people management and proven management strategies.

Flexible Learning 

While recognising the value of face-to-face training, Fexco Property Services also embraces technology to deliver innovative digital learning experiences. This blended learning approach incorporates digital modules, interactive workshops, and engaging e-learning resources, catering to diverse learning preferences and styles among the workforce.

Continuous improvement is a core focus of the Learning and Development initiatives at Fexco Property Services. Feedback and evaluation mechanisms are in place to assess the effectiveness of their programs and identify areas for enhancement. By embracing new ideas and emerging trends, the company strives to provide learning experiences that meet the evolving needs of their staff, ensuring ongoing growth and development within the organisation.

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