What We Do

Property developers, freeholders, Resident Management Companies (RMCs) and property owners across England and Wales rely on us to manage their apartment buildings and private estates to the highest standard. Keeping your investment protected at all times!

The Fexco Property Services group work closely together to provide a full range of services for the property sector, which, combined with our dedicated H&S team, ensures your property and investment are kept safe, clean and a nice place to live.

Here's what we can do for you:

Management services

Our property management brands; Crabtree PM Ltd and Remus Management Ltd offer a full range of services including:

  • Company secretarial
  • RMC board advisory
  • Service charge budgeting & collection
  • Ground rent management
  • Credit control & arrears management
  • Service charge fund management
  • Service charge accounts preparation
  • Contractor vetting & supplier management
  • Lease compliance & conveyancing enquiries
  • Property inspections
  • Full range of insurance intermediary services
  • Staff management services (onsite staff recruitment, management, payroll & HR services)

Professional services

For surveying and H&S services, our brand; Ellis, Sloane & Co. Ltd is a perfect choice, servicing our portfolio of managed properties, including:

  • Condition reporting & schedule of works prepared
  • Project management & supervision
  • s20 consultation management
  • PPMs
  • RCAs
  • FRAs
  • H&S assessments
  • Contractor management
  • CDM management

In addition, we also offer a Health & Safety competent person service, perfect for contractors needing support meeting their Health & Safety responsibilities.

Lessee/tenant communications

Communication and engagement with property owners is key to successful property management, and a stress-free day. Crabtree PM Ltd, Bellharbour and Remus Management Ltd work hard to ensure our property owners are kept up to date and involved in the management of their property in a number of ways, including:

  • Online self-service portals
  • 24/7 telephone service (in conjunction with out-of-hours service provider)
  • Email
  • Resident clinics
  • Announced visits
  • Lessee meetings
  • AGMs
  • EGMs
  • Community engagement and representation

Discover more about the companies within the Fexco Property Services group, and see how they can help you:

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