Our Group H&S Policy Statement

Fexco Property Services Limited (“FPS Group” or “Group”) is committed to running an organisation in a proactive, positive, safe and responsible manner.

The Group will focus on the following areas:

  • Comply fully with all H&S legislation.
  • Assign clear H&S roles and responsibilities throughout the organisation.
  • Identify all significant risks and manage these in a positive, responsible and timely manner.
  • Actively encourage all employees and third parties to report all accidents, incidents and near misses, including mental health issues.
  • Engage in a proactive solution-focused approach to all H&S matters.

To keep this commitment the group will demonstrate the following:

  • Provide effective leadership through the senior management team.
  • Set positive objectives to continually improve the H&S management system.
  • Identify risks using various risk assessment techniques to gain insight and learn how to improve our risk management system.
  • Ensure all employees are trained and have access to H&S information allowing them to engage fully in the H&S management system.
  • Investigate all events to the root cause to improve and develop better risk management techniques.
  • Development of an H&S management system in line with ISO 45001.
  • Review this policy and the entire management system annually.